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Beyond Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives

Hello Genealogy and History Fans,
It is hard to believe that only two years ago that I was only beginning to learn about the families I lost in 1954. I am awed by all that I have learned. I especially thank the archivists at Susquehanna University, at the University of Minnesota Kautz YMCA Archives, at Old Economy, as well as the Beaver, Fayette, and Blair County Genealogical Societies.
I also have received several replies, from surviving World War Two combat meteologists, that have really educated me about what it was like to stand the Met Watch, and try to figure out Northern Europe’s chaotic weather to help plan air raids and the D-Day Invasion. The US Army Air Corps trained 10,000 of these 1939 Math and Physics college graduates who helped win the Weather War, that led to the Allied Victory. They are both saddened by the high casualties that young men of the bomber crews suffered, men their age who flew off on missions based on Met Service’s forecasts.
I am slowly starting to write my yet untitled family veteran’s military history, and I believe it will be quite a story!

This study strikes close to home as our servicemen struggle to accomplish whatever our country’s goals are in Iraq and Afghanistan. I fear that our leaders have not studied the thousands of years of bloody history in these lands. Still, though, I also served 12 years in the US Coast Guard, and Reserve. I think that many soldiers and sailors join us to get out of grimy mill towns and dying small farms to get a boost into a better life. Unfortunately many of them die in their quest, and many others are scarred by wounds, physical and mental. No, I do not believe that war is the answer for settling disputes among nations, but these last few thousand years of our history seem to disprove my belief.
So, I salute all the veterans of all the nations, and the bereaved familes of all those who have fallen. I am now 60 years old, and I must truly admit, I fear the future. With the coming global climate crisis, with over-population and a shrinking resource base, I gladly slip into the past that is revealed to me in my studies.
Thom Marti
Peaceful Warrior

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