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April ? – Still Cool and Dry

Hello All.
Well, we are guilty of having grown used to the last dozen warm and short winters. In these mild winters we got used to making greens deliveries through February, and would already be making our April Pre-CSA salad bag deliveries. Not this year! We attended the Dickinson College Local foods Dinner/Market, and were the only farmers with fresh greens for sale.
We had our last (?) ground-covering snow two nights ago, and have not seen many days above 60F (16C). And even though we finally got a nice soaking rain, our area is in a drought watch. Fortunately up here in our mountain valley, we have received a bit more rain, and our channery deep silt loam holds the water like a sponge. So, we will be ready to go in a couple weeks.
Today I ache from two days of fencing. Raising goats is a lot of fun. They enjoy themselves by currying their fat flanks while walking down field leaning against the fence row. Needless to say, we have to straighten and tighten the fences every Spring, or they would happily be browsing in our orchard. Goats can climb trees.
Judy has the hoop house greens going, and we will soon be delivering. We also have peas, onions, and potatos planted in the outside raised beds.
Thankfully we have CSA members who help out with the work. Sara Towers, a Gettysburg College student also comes up to help us – her youthful energy and enthusiasm is very welcome.
And for those of you who have been reading my family historical project on Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives, I have learned from Sara that her 92 year old grandfather, Lloyd, is a veteran of the “Weather War”, who served in Northern Europe at the time my father did. I am glad to have finally connected with one of these surviving meterological heroes.

Thom Marti

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