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Welcome Spring, at Last!

Well, this long and grueling winter is grinding to a halt. We have not had such a tough winter since 1996! I have taken a pause in this journal to write some of my family history on Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives. I must admit, this genealogy research is fascinating.
So, for a year I have been calling all Americans to plant their own backyard gardens, because the economy would collapse. Well, it has! So I hope you all have your lawn torn up and are ready to plant. by, the way, I heartily approve of our new President’s White House garden. I have no idea if he, or anyone, will be able to fix the mess that our new breed of “Robber Barons” have foisted on to us.
Well, I have to go out to catch the first sunlight, to finish a grueling task. A young driver lost control of her car, and ‘modified’ our carport. My son and I built this out of salvaged telephone poles in 1993. I guess we built it good! Even though the young driver’s Neon was totaled (but she luckily was not hurt), the carport took the hit, with two cracked posts. Now it need re-align the structure, after we replaced broken posts with some of our spare telephone poles. I must admit, that in my 60th year, “This Job Hurt!!” It is time for us to find our ‘elder hippie commune’ where we can do lighter work, and all these young Local-vores can do the heavy lifting.
Oh, our hoop houses and planted and thriving, and we have planted first peas. The winter has been suspiciously dry, but rain is forecast tonight. Have fun getting your gardens ready.

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