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The BVO Farm Jounal has gone on Winter Vacation!

Hello All,
Last week I posted that my farm journal was going on sabbatical. If you have enjoyed reading my scribblings, I invite you to return to our home page, and look under “catagories” to “Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives”. I have been dabbling in the history of my lost family, and will present a series of essays about their lives and times. A friend of mine, who is a psychologist , likens my research to “self-administered regression therapy”. I heartily agree with her! I find that knowing my family has really made a change in me. Plus, in these chaotic times we live in, the future seems pretty scary; the past seems very comforting.
And for you Farm Journal fans, it will return in the spring. My gardens and orchards are currently growing snow and ice.
Thank You – Thom (Dunn) Marti

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