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Time to take a Winter Break from My farm Journal

Hello All, I have kept up this farm journal for two years, and a lot of you have told me you enjoy it. Thank You! But I reviewed a lot of my previous winter entries, and they are fairly repetitive, because my life follows the seasons, and my farm work and my farm thoughts are about the same from one winter to the next. So for this winter, I have decided to share my family story with all of you.

I was orphaned when I was four years old. Even though my pregnant mother physically survived my father’s untimely death, I watched her ‘die‘ when the State Trooper came to the door with the news. She somewhat recovered from her breakdown following this her second widowing, as well as the loss of my baby brother. In desperation she married a man who adopted me, but truthfully was not “My Father” He prevented me from spending much time with my birth family, or from learning much about my family history.

I started researching this history (I knew very little of it, gleaned from my mother’s fading memories as death mercifully approched her). I am astounded with how much I have learned about the eight immigrant families who bore my great-grandparents. A year ago,I wrote a small book, Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives; which was mostly historical background, and a lot of conjecture about my families’ origins. I gave the 40 copies away to my friends, with my hope that they would pass it on to their friends.

But in the last year, my continuing research has ‘unearthed’ so much new information about my family, that I have decided to publish a short narrative, each week during this surprising cold winter, regarding each of my 8 families. Sometimes, when I work on the farm, I feel as if their spirits are swarming around me as they all tell me their stories. So next week I will start to tell you their stories.

I also encourage all of you, if you have not already started, to learn about your family histories. In these troubled environmental, geo-political, and economic times, I find it quite comforting in the past. I am also learning a lot about how my people survived wars and the Great Depression; I feel this knowledge will help me.

So, I will set the farm journal aside, and now invite you to join me,Forward, into the Past!

See you next week,
Thom Marti of the Dunn/Fulford/Davis/Flueckiger/Vasicko/Cumashot/Johnson/(?) Clan

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