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Corn, Corn, Corn, Flat in the Mud

No, I’m not referring to our modest BVO corn patch, which made it thru the 27.5 inches (70cm) of rain during Febrary to May; it sprouted, and other than some groundhog and seed kernal-eating infernal birds, we might get some. But, corn is just an ‘add-on’ for our CSA and for our palates; I am talking about Iowa which has basically been cleared to plant the whole state with GMO corn. This corn is destined for feed lots, for chemical cookery, and for ethanol. Well, whoops! We just lost that mountain of agricultural commodity profits when serial thunderstorms devasted the Upper Mid West. Of course our best wishes go out to the farmers and all the people affected, but my readers, you yourselves will be impacted very soon, too.
$4/gallon (4 L) gasoline is here, and this massive planned corn harvest was supposed to mitigate the effects of whatever game the oil speculators are playing. The hoped-for flood of ethanol will now barely be a trickle. Also, since most corn goes into feed lots, the price of meat will be heading up. And to top it all, much of the corn was being converted to its constituents, which go into most of our processed foods. I have never seen such a cascading disaster in the works; we are trying to get ready for it. What can you do?

1. Plant a garden,
2. Support your local farmers,
3. Break out your canning kettle, your food dehydrator, and clean up your root cellar,
4. Organize your neighbors into a Local Food Security Network, and
5. Do not count on any governments, political leaders, and especially agribusiness to bail us out of this mess = THEY ARE THE ONES WHO GOT US HERE!

There, I feel better; that long overdue rant does wonders for my mood. I think I’ll head out to continue my summer farm machine maintainance. We have been converting our farming methods to use as little gasoline as possible, and a clean and tuned engine will save a lot of fuel, and run better. Plus, we are enjoying the pleasure of using sharp and clean hand tools more since we downsized our gardens. Berry season is starting, it might be a while before I can write again.

Be Prepared,
Thom Marti (yes, I was a Boy Scout)

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