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Hello all,

The sun shines this morning after we received another 2 1/2″ (7cm) rain yestre, and south of us they got a lot more when the remnants of the latest South Central tornado outbreak passed thru. The local ‘tractor farms’ are all stuck in the mud, but at BVO we are working raised bed gardens, that dry out fairly quickly, by hand. During the worst of the rain I had to muck out one high spot in our main mid-garden waterway to prevent the water spring up from our perched water table from washing away our precious topsoil. Our 3 acre ( barely more than a Ha) hillside patch serves as the main waterway for a 100 acre (40 Ha) slope that include two highway drainage ditches. I am pleased to report that our check dams held in those ditches, and we gained a lot of soil, rather than losing it to run-off.

Hundred Fold Farm’s Earth-Day was quite a success; I estimate that a couple hundred people attended. We were the only vendor with fresh greens, scallions, and rhubarb, and we quickly sold out. My talk about Local Food Security was well received. I told the attendees that we have less than four years to achieve Local Food Security. I said that our global and national economic and food distribution systems are heading for a collapse. I feel this is due to rampant speculation, and lack of government planning because these fools really believe that “technology will solve everything!”

So I urge all of my readers to stage an act of non-violent rebellion. Use part of your government tax rebate check as seed money to start getting out of debt, and quit buying all the useless goodies that our society offers. Then use the rest of it to start tearing up your lawn, and planting your garden. You, and your neighbors are going to have to depend upon yourselves, soon. Do not count on your governments, nor the global neo-robber barons (ie. corporations) to provide for you!

Well, I’d like to rant and rave more, but the sun is shining, and I have to get 10 Pre-CSA shares together for our localvore friends. Turn off your computer, and get out there and figure out where you are going to start your garden. Have fun!!

Thom Marti
Registered Prophet of Doom and Gloom

PS: The US price of gasoline is now up to $4/gallon (about $1/l.) I am guess-timating that this will rise by 150% within the next couple years!

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