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Archive for January, 2016

Henry and Louisa Hoenig Gross’ Family in Wallrose, Economy, Pa.

Hello All, Lately I have learned a lot more about Henry Gross and his wife Louisa Hoenig, who immigrated from Germany and ended up in the village of Wallrose in Economy Township, Beaver Co., Pa.  Their oldest daughter Margaret married William Bauman, a wandering apprentice harness maker.  Margaret and William’s eldest son Oscar married my […]

A Bit More about Wallrose, Economy Township, Beaver County, Pa.

Hello, Back on 14 May 2012, I wrote an essay entitled “More on the German Connection”.  In this I discussed Henry Gross, a graduate of Heidelburg University, Germany.  He graduated in 1848 and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to explore the new land that espoused freedom, and also to visit Old Economy which espoused Piety.  Old […]