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Archive for December, 2012

James Bradley Dunn – Patternmaker/Patriot

James Dunn was the youngest living son of William and Mary (McCloskey) Dunn; their next son Michael, died in 1849 with his mother,  soon after birth.  William Dunn purchased two coffins for them on 22 July 1849. James was born in Hollidaysburg on 17 Jun 1844, and baptised at St. Patrick’s, Newry, on 7 July; […]

Two Sisters-Susanna and Lucretia Dunn

Hello, In this week’s Dunn family essay, I will break from presenting William and Mary McCloskey Dunn’s  children in birth order.  I am doing this for two reasons: 1) Susanna Margeret Dunn Saly (var. Soly), b. 22 Oct 1842, and Lucretia Wilson  Howard/Irvin Dunn, b. 3 July 1846  share a tragic ending to one of […]

Joseph Milton Dunn – William and Mary Dunn’s Eldest Son

Hello All, I’ll now begin to write  about  William and Mary Dunn’s four children that survived infancy, married, and started families in Altoona.  Much of the research about these siblings was done by other family seekers who are working on solving the puzzles of elder William’s compound-complex marital and paternal  history. John Milton Dunn was […]

William Dunn Sr’s First (of Three) Families

Hello All, My winter writing project continues:  Today I will report what I know (which is not as much as I wish it was) about William Dunn’s first marriage,  to Mary McCloskey.  Again, I thank my cousin/collaborator Deb for much of what I know about this union.  She has researched the original Catholic Records. William […]

William Dunn, Pattermaker, and Patriarch – Essay 2

Hello, Last week I wrote about the uncertain ancestry of my great-great-grandfather William Dunn.  I have seen records which say he was born in Bedford, Pa. in 1817, and died in Duncansville, Blair County, Pa. on 8 Jun 1903, while living at his son John’s house.  Catholic records tell of his burial in the old […]

It was a long November!

Hello, Well, they say “tis an ill wind that blows no one good”, and as I clean up blown down and wind-sheared off trees in our wood lot, I agree with this wisdom.  But firewood is not our only ‘winter harvest’, and sawing it to length and storing it in our wood shed is not […]