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Archive for May, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 – Family Honor Roll

Hello, As you all know, even as a USCG veteran, I have always believed that war is the worst possible way for our species to settle disputes, and that each war merely leads to the next one.  That being said, I seem to have come from a long line of veterans who have fought in […]

More on the ” German Connection”

Hello, My last essay on this topic was written while I was frantically trying to put together this grand puzzle linking my 1840’s German immigrant families, Baumann, Veiock, Gross, and Hoenig families, and the Swiss Flueckigers and Schmalzes,  with the German Harmony Society, that first settled in Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania in 1804.  This industrious, […]

Wow, Time Travel Rocks

Hello, if any one is interested in arcane knowledge…. It has been a month and a half since I posted = mostly mea culpa due to farm overwork, as well as having “Been Given” a great story to tell.  Not only the Flueckigers and Schmalzes, from Switzerland, who became  hired farmers at Old Economy Village, […]