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Archive for September, 2011

A Good Month of Research

Hello All, Well, I just wrapped up my latest month-long research binge on and various genealogical resources.  I now hope that the summer-long rains (that I’ve been bewailing on my Farm Journal) are over, and I can get some crops harvested, and repair the land by cover-cropping.. I did find a lot in my […]

Water Weary

Hello, I last wrote as Hurricane Irene rolled up the Coast.  She was followed by the soggy remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, which degenerated into a dreaded ‘Cut-off Low”.  Now other tropically spawned slop storms gather in the Intra-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) off the Azores, and head toward Florida and up our East Coast, and […]

Unearthing more old Dunns

Whew, A mere 5 years ago I began my genealogical and historical quest for my long deceased (he died in 1954 when I was 4) father Art Dunn’s ancestors.  I had very little to go on; a small packet of his papers that my mother saved, a few photos, and his WW2 US Army Air […]