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Archive for July, 2011

Too Damn Hot!

Hello, I hope you not suffering from this hot and humid and dry blast furnace weather.  This onrushing drought is tough to fight (I’m ten years older than when I last had to do battle with dry soil, high temperature, drying winds, and a relentless nuclear bomb in the sky releasing soil killing radiation). But […]

A Tough time in the Orchards and Fields

Hello All, Whew, what a year!  After a fairly cold and early start to winter, we were treated to three months of Spring floods.  Then the heat and humidity and hail came with a vengance, hosting a plethora of fruit tree diseases such as Cedar Apple Rust, Fire Blight, Powdery Mildew, and of course some […]

Time to Pause

Hello, Well, I have again been contacted by another reader (I think that makes the sixth time) who has stumbled upon my scribblings while Googling up the name of a family member, or a historical event.  I welcome such contacts, esp. now, when I am so bogged down in the farming season, that I am […]