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Archive for June, 2011

Another Quaker (or former) on the Wagon Train

Hello, I have been enjoying a new (actually very old) form of research this summer.  I spent a month on, to search for a few leads I came up with last winter and spring.  I find that site helpful, but I honestly feel that if that is the only way one researches, they may […]

Genealogist Extra-Ordinaire : Will Work For Beer

Hello, Well, we just had another rainy month,  so I signed up for Ancestry.Com, which I haven’t been on since last December.  I find if I stay on it for too long, my searches become progressively unproductive.  Now I’ll spend the rest of the summer tidying up this pile of data, and knocking it into […]

“It Ain’t Over ‘Til Its Over” – Saint Yogi

Hello to the Weather Weary, Our weather has finally settled down, and dried out enough that we have a fair garden crop, and an acceptable fruit crop slowly growing now that the sun is coming out more.  The artesian spring in the lower garden, has subsided!  My back doesn’t ache as much! But word comes […]

Of Puddlers and Pattern Makers

Hello, Sorry I haven’t written, it has been a tough winter and spring dealing with the weather on our farm.  But I have been able to do some of my family history research.  I really think that the Chester Co. – Fayette Co., Pa. Quaker/Presbyterian Connection fits.  The 4 Woodward boys, and their 2 sisters […]

Storm Delayed

Hello all, I apologize for not writing any farm news for the last three months, but it has been an awful time to be a farmer. We had a moderately tough winter, but the Spring rains came with vengence.  We received nearly 2 feet (60 cm) rain; several of the storms were very heavy and […]