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Archive for March, 2011

Rambling Down Brandywine Creek

Hello Pre-Revolutionary War Chester Co., Pa. Quaker History Fans, In August of 2010 I first discovered that my Presbyterian, Farming and Coal Mining, Scotch-Irish maternal line Johnson, Kelley, Simpson, and Ghrist families who lived along Redstone Creek, in Fayette Co., Pa.; had a Quaker Connection.  I find this interesting because, I too, in spite of […]

When Will This Cold White and Wet Stuff End?

Hello All, Sorry to whine about the weather, but since I can’t change it, all I can do is complain about it.  I first noticed an icy edge to Mid-November (after a fairly mild and wet beginning to autumn), and by Thanksgiving, it was getting bitter.  We have had a couple breaks in this pattern, […]

The Fighting Quakers

Hello All, Sorry to have not written much for too long – it has been one heck of a winter!  I will, though, pose a question to you all; The Woodward, Jefferis, Pyle, Nayle,Mendenhall, Taylor, Darlington, and Butler families of 17th-20th Century Chester and Fayette Counties, Pa. may possibly my ancestors?  If anyone knows how […]