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Archive for December, 2010

Enough – We Surrender!

Wow! I have lived in northern latitudes for my entire life.  I was born just south of the Great Lake snow effect zone.  I went to college in frozen and windy Alliance, Ohio, and then later in Moscow in Northern Idaho, and Pullman in neighboring Washington State.  I spent my Coast Guard time in the […]

Snow Flurries – a Taste of our Near Future

Hello, After a fairly gracious “Indian Summer”, we are now sliding into winter.  I for one, won’t complain about this Autumn.  We did have some heavy rains, but we had all the gardens mulched, and the drainage swales and ditches controlled it with no erosion.  We were harvesting our last outside ‘hardy greens’ until a […]

Lots of Research, but No Time to Write!

Hello, Well, in these last three years of family history research, I have learned so much that I am sitting here, bemused, wondering where to start in writing it all up into essays and eventually into a book.  On top of the research, this has been a tough weather year to have to operate a […]