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Archive for November, 2010

Too Many Connections!

Hello, Well, I have just about wrapped up my farm, and my genealogical reserch, seasons.  The farm work has gone well, except for a tough weather year.  The last six months of research has overwhelmed me.  I started this project off, three years ago, with a small crumpled folder of photos and family papers that […]

Late Autumn, Time to Wrap Up Research

Hello All, Whew!  For the last six months, even with weird weather to fight on the farm, I have found a lot of information on all of my lost families.  But now that the cold calm of winter sets in, I think I better start writing again.  I am amazed how much information is on-line, […]

Putting Some Old Bones to Rest

Hello All, On a somber Mid-November morning;  I always feel this way after a nice week of “Indian Summer” ends and the gray rains advance. Perhaps, though, this is a perfect mood for reporting a rather serendipitous finding regarding my black sheep ( at least in my Grandmother’s regard) grandfather, McClelland (aka Shipley) B. Johnson.  […]