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Archive for October, 2010

One Day in the Life of Thom Denisovitch

Hello All, Whew, am I beat!  Thursday and Friday I slogged thru my annual Sisyphean task,  replacing fence posts around our 1+acre (0.4 HA) goat pasture.  I have been doing this for 28 years, since we first built the fence, and started raising the creatures.  Now, I do like goats; they are great weed, brush, […]

Beacons and Bread Crumbs

Hello, Not long ago I wrote about how surprised I was to be contacted by so many distant relatives, who had found me when then Googled an ancestor’s name, and been transported to our BVO website, to read my RDBL musings and scribbling. I later read a genealogy advetisement the other day, and it discussed  […]

Killing Frost

Hello, Well, we just received our ‘hard frost’ last night, the ‘light frost’ was couple days ago.  As always I go into my records to look up the dates of our frosts during our 28 year tenure at BVO.  When we moved here in 1983, we our average first frost was in Mid-September, with our […]