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Archive for September, 2010

More Rain, Ending yet another Droughty Spell

Hello All, I’m starting to lose track, of when I wake up in the morning, if it is a drought or a monsoon!  This hot and often dry summer, keeps getting punctuated by heavy rains brought in from dying tropical storms. Well, the crops are still growing (and the apples actually look pretty good = […]

The Beacon

Hello All, Yesterday I received another contact from the past; this time a member of the Washesky (also spelled Vasicko) family.  He had Googled in his family name, and was lead to this site.  This family is the one of my great-grandparents that I knew very little about.  Surprisingly though, I had briefly met my […]

The 2010 Drought in the Mid Atlantic States

Hello, Sorry that I haven’t written for a long time.   Of all the meteorological slings and arrows that nature throws at us, drought is the cruelest.  We have not had a serious dearth of rainfall since “The 5 Year Drought” of 1998-2002.  That drought taught us a lot about farming with half the normal plentiful […]