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Archive for July, 2010

My Quaker Connection – An Update

Hello, Since I last wrote I have spent a few ‘too hot’ afternoons sitting at this desk surrounded by piles of pedigrees, family trees, family group sheets, and US Census reports back two centuries.  It was a struggle, but I really do feel that I have put the story together.  I now believe, with a […]

Wow, More Quakers!

Hello All, My last post was about how I was learning about how my Fayette County, Pa.  Johns(t)on, Kelley, Simpson, and Ghrist families were tied into the Quaker Jeffries family who had been evicted from England for their beliefs, and ended up in Chester County, Penn’s Woods. As I looked at the various family trees […]

Rain, rain ??

Hello, Well, After 3 weeks without rain and 100F temperature (sorry metric fans, I am too heat-blasted to make the conversions), we got a lovely 1.3 inches of rain the other night that filled the rain barrels and soaked the garden.  I am trying not to gripe, because I remember the Four Year Drought of […]

Rainy Day Genealogy

Hello, I am sitting here, watching the skies try to rain, which would be nice to help break this gathering drought.  I have just spent a few hours trying to figure out the ties between the Jefferies, Ghrists, Simpsons, and Kelleys of  Washington, Fayette, and possibly Westmoreland Counties, all in Pennsylania.  I have reviewed the […]

Seeking ‘next generation’ Of Weather Detachment “YI”, 21st Weather Squadron, 9th US Air Force, Europe 1944

Hello, For a couple years I have been posting essays regarding my ‘lost family’.  I guess other folks  are also looking for my people, and they have Googled their ancestor’s  ancestor’s  names, and presto! the pilgrims are transported to this site.  I have located my long lost aunt and cousin this way, and a few […]