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Archive for June, 2010

Diving Back into the Past

Hello, I just posted a quick Farm Journal report that apologized for my having been away from writing for too long.  Well, I’m back to my research, and back to my writing.  I took a 3 month detour when I decided to work part-time for the US Census.  I needed a change of pace.  I […]

Long Time – No Write

Hello, We have been so busy dealing with the grueling winter and damp spring that I have not sat down at this keyboard to write  for too long.  Suffice it to say that Summer Solstice is already behind us, and it is steaming out there! We just got a brief rain shower that gave us […]

Caleb Johnston – perhaps my greatx3 grandfather

Hello Genealogical Folk, I’m Back!  I took a 3 month Census job for a change of pace  (I had gotten ‘blocked’ in my family research).  I also needed some funds for home and farm repair, and for some possibly more expensive genealogical research. I got back on, and found some tantalyzing leads that might […]

Sorry for Too Long of a Silence

Hello all, Yes,  life has been “too busy”.  I decided I needed a change of pace, so I took a part-time job with US Census.  I’d really like to share my thoughts of what I have learned working in our northern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I’d share my observations with you, but you […]