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Archive for January, 2010

Family Re-Connection Storm

Hello all, Well, I guess that my posting these ‘sign posts’ has paid off in spades. I got a call from a second cousin, Greg, in Florida, who found my posting re. his parents. This lead to my e-meeting my Cousin Ron, from Connecticut, and then my Aunt Betty and Cousin Chery from Florida. The […]

A Breakthrough in Florida

Hello All Two days ago I got a phone call from Florida. I guess people do really read my e-scribblings on this site. Greg, who is the grandson of my late father Art Dunn’s eldest sister (who I barely remember) called to re-connect. Wow! I was flabbergasted that the Dunn’s youngest sister (who I did […]

The Glacier Recedes

Hello Winter Garden Fans, I am sorry I haven’t written for a while but this past six week cold snap has distracted me. But today the sun shines and the air temperature is pushing above the freezing point of water. It has been tough keeping the house warm, and very hard keeping our precious hardy […]

Winter (Mod. 2010) of all our Discontent

Hello Winter-bound Northerners, Yes, this is one of the roughest winter cold snaps we have seen for many a year. It seems just an eye-blink ago that I was writing and observing that on Dec. 2nd we had not yet had our killing frost. Well, we sure got it now! Up here at “Frostbite Flats” […]