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Archive for December, 2009

Captain Arthur Allen Dunn – War Hero

Hello History Fans, Well, I have finally tracked down the family secret that my mother mentioned to me, but was still too torn by grief to discuss it, even in 1999, 45 years after my father’s death. For the last month I have been visiting the Gettysburg Library to use their micro-film reader to peruse […]

Winter is Here – Be Prepared

Hello Winter Gardeners, Well, after our protracted “Indian Summer” the meteorological ‘dam’ broke, and frigid Arctic air blew in with vengence. Luckily, we had just harvested cabbages and Brussel sprouts; they sleep in lugs in our cool storage. The only outside garden crop still in the ground is parsnips, asleep under a thick straw mulch, […]

Why do I Feel Like Doctor Who, or perhaps Billy Pilgrim

Hello, to those of you who visit my genealogical ramblings, I have to admit, that I feel a bit out of sorts today. I have been researching my family veteran’s history, in preparation for writing a book about our service to USA. Let me be the first to say, that I do not believe war […]

This Mad World Turns White

Hello All, I have a bit of a cold, from putting in too many long days in the shorter and shorter daylight trying to get all the winter prep work done. Well, it is done, and I am sitting in here with a cup of tea, a stuffy head, and an ache or two. Of […]

The Machine Rolls On

A week ago a small package from the Air Force History Institute arrived in the mail. Our son, Tobin (former US Army/ Air Force Space Command, and now Department of Defense) who now lives and works on Okinawa, ordered this gift for me. These two small reels of 16mm microfilm contain the official unit history […]