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Archive for August, 2009

A Eureka Moment - The Johns(t)on Family Riddle is Solved

Pushing Back The “Brickwall” of the Johnson/ Johnston’s of Fayette Co.
Yesterday I received a big manila envelope from the Fayette County Register of Wills, containing the marriage records of George Johnson, and Nancy M. Kelley. For the first time in a year of research, I feel confidant that I [...]

Chapter 6 - Part 2 - The Johnstons - Progenitors of the Johnsons

As I stated in my recent edit of the first part of my Johnson family’s story in Redstone Township, Fayette County, Pa., I now believe that the first and second generations of the Johnston’s, as outlined in John W. Jordan’s article on them, pps. 364 and 365, in his Personal [...]