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Archive for August, 2009

A Eureka Moment – The Johns(t)on Family Riddle is Solved

Pushing Back The “Brickwall” of the Johnson/ Johnston’s of Fayette Co. Yesterday I received a big manila envelope from the Fayette County Register of Wills, containing the marriage records of George Johnson, and Nancy M. Kelley. For the first time in a year of research, I feel confidant that I now know which “George Johns(t)on” […]

Chapter 6 – Part 2 – The Johnstons – Progenitors of the Johnsons

As I stated in my recent edit of the first part of my Johnson family’s story in Redstone Township, Fayette County, Pa., I now believe that the first and second generations of the Johnston’s, as outlined in John W. Jordan’s article on them, pps. 364 and 365, in his Personal and Genealogical History of Fayette […]