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Archive for March, 2009

Welcome Spring, at Last!

Hello, Well, this long and grueling winter is grinding to a halt. We have not had such a tough winter since 1996! I have taken a pause in this journal to write some of my family history on Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives. I must admit, this genealogy research is fascinating. So, for a year […]

Chomesaks/Hamasaks/Comoshots/Cumashots (spelling uncertain)

This final family in my genetic puzzle is the one that as a boy I actually knew, but their origins are somewhat a mystery to me. I even lived in their home, on Beaver Road, in Ambridge, after my father had died, and my mother was recovering from her breakdown. Mary, my great-grandmother, died a […]

The Johnsons of Redstone, Pa.

Historical Overlay – I have very little information about my maternal grandparents in this coal mining district of SW Pa. I am due to visit this area, and I will update this entry when I find out more. This family lived east of the National Road (US 40), just west of the Menallen and Redstone […]

Chapter 12, Part 2 – The Flickingers Move On

Three Paths Taken by Three Flueckiger Children when Old Economy Faded Away Gotttlieb Flueckiger Sr. was a working associate of the Harmonite Society. He worked for them from 1876, to the beginning of the 20th Century. He was the orchardist at the Bottom Orchard, and lived in the community. I have also learned that he […]