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Archive for March, 2008

Still Waiting for Spring

Hello All, Most every morning has been below freezing, and the afternoons, though often sunny, are colled down by a brisk northwestly wind. Still, we are preparing more raised beds, and we do have two plantings of peas in the ground. We are still delivering greens to our CSA-Xtreme = Week 49 in our 2007-2008 […]

Skunk Spring

We always know when the first signs of spring are coming; not along our windswept northern slope, but down in our soggy spring fed “Skunk Hollow”. Each year, when the soil temperature rises, our resident family of bleary-eyed odiferous striped weasel-kin stumble out of their winter dens looking for food and sex. Each Spring our […]

March Is Here – We Survived the Winter, I Think

Hello All, This last three weeks has been brutal. We have logged 11 ice storms this winter, and we missed a few that went North of us. I am two weeks behind on winter pruning the orchard. My back and legs are sore from slogging thru the snow and ice, climbing ladders and trying not […]