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Archive for January, 2008

A Locavore’s Mid- Winter Lament

Hello All, On Saturday, two of our friends, who belong to our CSA drove up the mountain to help us with a project. Our neighbor gave me pernission to drop two 45 year old and 70 foot (23 M) tall, dying white pines that were soon going to drop onto our soon to be planted […]

BVO’s Locavore Heaven Cheese Dip/Spread

Hello All, Today at CSAX(tended) we will be giving out samples of this winter treat. Beulah, our Nubian flock queen, consented to provide a few gallons of fresh goat milk, to make this possible; First, we made some Goat Ricotta Cheese, and then some Caprine Yoghurt. After aging it a few days: 1) finely dice […]

2008 is Here with a Fleeting Reminder of ” Real Winter”

Hello All, I just came in from checking on our very pregnant goats, who seems to have survived the last two day cold snap (down to 9F = -11C). The early forecast called for several degrees colder. Since we are contracted to make 4 more weekly CSA-X(tended) deliveries, I had to gather up my “winter-chinking” […]