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Archive for November, 2007

Winter, Weather (sic) Fore Art Thou?

Hello All (with apologies to Will Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet), If you look back in my on-line BVO Farm Journal, you will see that I have been compiling the weather data that I recorded in our first quarter century here. I have been adding more factors as I dig them out from old hand-written journals, […]

The Best Beets I ever Ate – contributed by Gene Bazan

{ I visited our friends Gene and Tania in State College, and they served this dish. While I have always eaten beets, I did it out of a sense of duty, and really did not enjoy them. Their recipe sure changed my mind about beets} Here’s the Pureed Beets w Wine recipe: 1 1/2 lbs […]

Good-bye to a Garden

Hello all, Yesterday I harvested the last bit of Romaine lettuce from our west garden. We began this 16,000 ft2 ( .15 Ha) garden in 1996 to expand our sales in farmers market, and in our “home and restaurant delivery route” (which evolved into our CSA). For twelve years this patch of rented land has […]

Killing Frost and Snow

Hello, Well, we had our killing frost on Nov 8th, dropping to 24F (-5C). The most telling sign I noticed that morning was that all our heartnuts, English walnuts, and pecans dropped their leave in green and golden showers. Oh, we don’t really grow those trees for income, but we sure do raise some fat […]

Kimchee Recipe – Hot stuff!!

NOTE : This recipe was sent to us by CSA member Audrey Hess – we will try it today. Although we have never tried to make Kimchee before, we have made saurkraut before, and these fermenting cabbage treats need some ‘room to breathe'; they are quite odiferous while they work, so put them in a […]

Frost and November

Hello All, Our first light frost arrive on October 29th; I have recorded it coming later in one of our twenty-four years here. While it has stayed cool, with another light frost, some volunteer outside salad greeens are holding up. Mostly, though, the salads are now being harvested in the cold frames. We just wrapped […]