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Archive for September, 2007

Possibility of Rain – We Need it !!

Hello All, We have only had 1.2 inches (3 cm) of rain in September. Fortunately there has been a lot of fog, and the hours of daylight are shorter, and there is more shade in the orchard as the noon time sun drops to the Southern horizon after the autumnal equinox. This reduces the heat […]

Apple Avalanche !!!

Hello all, In a few minutes the Mexican apple picking crew will be in our neighbor’s orchard, quick-picking truckload tons of apples to send to the processing plant. They are a lively young crew, singing in Spanish, racing up and down ladders, and filling 25 bushel bins lickety-split quick. Well, things go a bit slower […]

“Hit or Miss” Drought Pattern

Hello All, I did not write a journal entry last week, because I was frankly too beat from more long days of fighting this hot dry weather. Since our orchard harvest continues to roll in with the best quality and quantity we have seen in 25 years, I guess we are holding our own. I […]