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Archive for August, 2007

A Wet August, but We are Irrigating Again!

Hello All, Well, we received 5.6″ (14cm) of rain this month, and all of it soaked into the ground, but the dwarf fruit trees (our “canaries in the mine shaft”) are drooping. So I mowed the orchard, propped up heavily laden limbs, and replaced the soaker hoses; I am running the pump an hour each […]

Strange Weather – So Far No Problems Here

Hello All, We got relief from the drought last weekend when 3.7 inches (9.4 cm) fell steadily over 24 hours. This steady rain did not cause run-off and erosion, in fact, the dry ground absorbed it. Our deeper well’s water level barely went up, and our lower springs (which had been dry) went up a […]

Orion Rising -First Breath of Autumn

Hello All, It is 5 am. I am up early to start getting ready for the Old Pomfret Farmers Market, in Carlisle. We used to go to market every Saturday morning, but now we only attend occasionally when we have surplus beyond our CSA needs. This year, in spite of drought (perhaps because of the […]

It is Official – Drought

Hello, You might remember that several weeks ago I declared that this sudden onslaught of drought was severely affecting regional agriculture, and I declared a drought watch.Well, the government has also just caught on to the fact, and officially declared a drought watch in 57 on Pa’s 67 counties. I recommend that you google “drought […]

Dog Day Recipes

Hello, Here are some recipes from Judy and from Matt & Denise, to help you while away this awful heat, hunidity, and smog….. 1. Judy’s Blackberry Beef Take a pound of beef (steak or stew) and cut into thin strips or chunks. In a bowl, mix 1 tbs sesame oil, ¼ cup of blackberry zing, […]

August- The Dog Days of Summer- and a Thirsty Dog It Is

Hello, Yes, this hot, dry (yet humid), and smoggy,weather is tough to deal with. I have been getting up at 5 AM for 6 weeks now, irrigating the orchard, for an hour, with hundreds of feet of soaker hoses. I repeat the operation each evening after 7 PM, on different rows of trees. So far […]

Blackberry “Zing”

Hello All, Here is a recipe I whipped up yestre because the recent light rains brought out an extra 6 qts (6 L) of blackberries that we did not have orders for. I had been wanting to try out the organic wildflower honey I have been buying in bulk, for canning, and set out to […]