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Archive for June, 2007

Rain – Ahhhh!

Hello All, Last night Judy and I sat in On The Square, a small restaurant in New Oxford. For years it was just a small family cafe. New owners have built upon its homey nature, and added one surprising change. Their Japanese chef, a once a month, prepares a 7 course, two hour, traditional Japanese […]

Berry Picking Time in Pennsylvania

Hello Berry Lovers, In the lastest weather quirks, we at BVO are being graced by perfect weather for our summer berry harvest, while Texas floods, and locally drought stalks the land. Of course, this means we have to spend much of our time picking blueberries, plus red and black raspberries every morning, and soon, every […]

Peas Carrots, Honey,Snapes, and Escarole

Hello, here is a recipe we modified, and shared with our CSA today: SAUTEED SNAP PEAS WITH CARROTS AND HONEY GLAZE (Adapted from Farmer John – ) 1. Remove strings from pea pods; scrub baby carrots, and slice to size and shape of peas; 2. Place carrots in steam basket over 1 ½ inches […]

Judy’s Garlic Snape Croutons

Question – What is a ‘snape’? Answer – The curly flowering stalk of the garlic plant! 1) Use only the soft juicy part of the neck, maybe the last 6 inches, 2) Dice into short pieces, 3) Heat a little oil; stir fry the bits for one minute, cool to room temperature, 4) Add a […]

Micro-Climate = What a Difference a few Miles Makes!

Hello All, Yestre eve I sat on the deck, watching in awe as the clouds swirled, and then sprang from my chair and hollered for Judy to start ‘battening down the hatches“! We got the cold frame, and farm building’s doors closed and got wet rolling up the vehicle windows as we scurried in to […]

Early June – Rhubarb Season

Hello All, We are having a nice cool break from the hot hazy weather that plagued us last week. Tropical Storm Barry gave us 1″ rain, and broke the heat and bad air. I have been taking advantage of it to do tasks that are miserable in the heat. Yesterday I turned a 3 ton […]