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Archive for May, 2007

A Tale of Two Small Towns, of Food Co-ops, and Mead

Hello All, I spent Tuesday morning cutting hay with the sickle bar on our BCS 820. Three decades ago, I used to cut our 2 acre hayfield with a scythe, and bail it by hand. Where did that youthful energy go? I got a lung-full of Timothy pollen, and was down yesterday, but am ready […]

Summer (and signs of a local drought) Coming in with a Blaze

Hello Again, Well, the Plum Curculio stats have been right on the money. For the ten trees that I ‘shake and trap’ each morning, the number of PCs started at 13, and went up to 19, which was when I put on my first evening pyrethrum/canola oil spray. The next morning the count dropped off […]

Annual Pre-Summer Emergence of the Plum Curculio

Hello, Home Orchard Fans, Well, we made it through some more weird weather (including two light frosts last week = somewhat late for here), and our wild bees carried the pollination load during the ongoing domestic honey bee dearth. Yestre’s rain and wind blew the last of the spent petals off the apple flowers, and […]

Bank Accounts – Cash and Skills

Hello, Yesterday Judy and I invested a day of our lives into our old chestnut log house. When we got here 25 years ago, the ‘home cooked’ copper plumbing was falling apart, due to our acidic mountain well water. Back then, I was just learning plumbing, but I researched the existing plastic piping systems and […]

May Day – Apple Blossom Time in Pennsylvania

Hello Fruit Fans, Whew, I think our blooms escaped the Mid-April cold snap! Local growers probably lost most of their early and mid-season stone fruit crop. Reports from the South and Mid-west suggest that those growers also got their apple crop hit. So now the floral display on our two hundred pome trees is in […]