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Archive for April, 2007

Spring Showers for Arbor Day

Hello All, Tomorrow is Arbor Day, now we have three important weekends in late April to remind us of our ties to the Earth, and to our past. Cool rain is falling today, but is no problem. The 4 rows of peas that I planted on 3/24 (and wondered if they survived those grim wet […]

Earth Day 1970 and 2007

Hello All, Well, I nailed that weather forecast I posted last week. We spent 5 days caught on the back wash of the Nor’easter spinning up the coast. We got 3.5″ (9cm) of rain, and gale force cold winds. I am amazed that we had no erosion, and that our first planting did not rot […]

Cool and Wet for the Foreseeable Future

Hello again, We got 1.5″ (6cm) rain last night, and it continues to drip. Except for the fact is is rather dreary, I have no complaints; in fact it was nice not to see frost on the ground after a chilly week. I have already been out twice running overflow hoses from our spouting/rain barrels […]

Spring Shyly Ducks Beneath Her Blankets

Hello All, When I went out to tend the animals this morning, whimsical snow flakes danced. Although they are lovely on the green grass, the local peach orchards will probably lose their crop in this cold spell. When the buds open, 28F ( -2C) damages them, and when it gets down to 22F (-6C) the […]