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Archive for March, 2007

Spring Plantings Begin

Hello All, Yesterday I was moving the last of the winter heaps of composted manure to spread around the bramble patch, and I noticed a last few soft ice crystals in the deep cores of the piles; and I saw that our composting red wriggler worms were slowly getting back to work. These hard working […]

Spring at Last (?)

Hello All, I am beat! The last week has been a slithery white nightmare, as I skidded thru the orchard trying to catch up on my spring work. But we have finally thawed out. Today is 56F (14C) and we had 0.4 inches (1 cm) of warm rain last night, and only a few scraps […]

Winter Charges Back

Hello to the Winter Weary, Well, just about all the snow left over from the Valentine’s Day storm melted, and we had three glorious days of Spring, getting up to 70F (21C). We were able to get a lot of work done in the orchard and berry patch. The orchard is now pruned, with its […]

The Galloping Spring Thaw

Hello All, I sit here typing while the sun rises late. I am not really sure why the government keeps fooling around with the time. I hear they expect to save energy. I think the small amount of energy that this ‘time juggling’ will save is a smidgeon of what we could save by getting […]

The Mud and Ice Season

The white slick thick brick mostly melted in the torrential rains we had last week. Luckily our drainage ditches held, and we had no serious flooding. A portion of the down slope run-off, though, found its way between the layers of ice, and caused some washout in our lower coldframe, which we call our “Earth […]