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Archive for February, 2007

Winter Continues – First Spring Plantings in the Modified Micro-Climate

Hello All, Twelve days after the snow and ice storm that shut down Eastern Pa., we have pretty well quarried out the slab ice to create safe foot paths to the far flung parts of our farm. We can safely walk to our barn, sheds, and to our upper cold frame. To get to our […]

Real Winter at Frostbite Flats

The frigid west wind blows down from Big Flat, on South Mountain, then over Piney Mountain, and spills down into our Broad Valley, before damming up on Bear Mountain. This month long cold blast almost reminds me of winters two decades ago. We are really glad we finished CSA-Extended last week. I delivered to our […]

Adieu to the Winter Garden

Hello all, Well, as the old saying goes, “All things must end”. But as I look at my note, in my journal entry yestre; ” Harvested final greens from cold frames, and will make last CSA delivery on Tuesday”, I can do so with no regrets. The end of one year’s season, is merely the […]

Winter Gardening at BVO – Below Zero

Hello all, Our server crashed last week, and it appears that my last farm journal entry went into cyber ‘otherwhere’.  I will try to recap what was lost, as well as update it. Well, at last, cold weather has set in.  When I went out to the barn at 5:30 AM, to check on our […]