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Archive for 'Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives'

Winter Research Progress Update #1

Hello, A few weeks ago I decided that my winter research project would be learning all I could about the hired workers at Old Economy Village, in Ambridge, Pa. and  then write some essays on my progress.  Maybe some descendants of these workers will find their ancestors’ history on this site.  On my last post […]

The Old Timers Club of Old Economy Village, Ambridge, Pa.

Hello, It has been way too long since I have posted an essay.  This summer proved trying farming as well as personal dealings.  I only had a little time to research in the growing season, and I’ve not made a field trip for quite a while.  But this Fall I caught up with the farm […]

Bit by Bit I lLearn more about the Swiss Jenny, Fleuckiger, and Schmatz Families

Hello All, I last wrote about how these three families, related by blood and by marriage, came to America.  Most likely they were drawn to the Three Rivers area of Allegheny County, Pa.  Not only was this area a center of early industry, but in its early days it was actually two thriving industrial municipalities; […]

The Jenny Family from Switzerland to Pennsylvania

Hello All, It has been too long since I’ve written; I’ve been frittering away my life farming.  But a fortuitous ladder mishap (it only took 15 stitches to my thumb) gave me a week off.  I’m under doctor’s orders  that since I’m 66, I need to take it easier.  So I picked up the files […]

An Old Economy Village Kind of Spring

Hello, Since I have already apologized for not writing much about my Flueckiger family at OEV this winter, as I had promised; I don’t need to apologize again.  The Wild Winter settled down, only to be followed  the wettest Spring we have seen since buying this farm in in 1983.  But, perhaps things are settling […]

Lots of New Flueckiger Family, In-laws, and Fellow OEV Workers

Hello, As I wrote in my last few short scribblings, I truly have not had much time to write my proposed weekly essays during this “Hunger Games Winter” we have endured.  My frost-bitten thumbs have  healed enough to join my other 8 fingers in typing again.  It is amazing how tough it is to do […]

Sparse Writing Project This Winter

Hello, I am truly sorry I did not write many Fleuckiger family essays, which i had promised to do this winter; but we just had an unbelievable winter, and it kept me so busy that I didn’t have much time to write about my Swiss maternal and paternal great-grandparents, and their 4 children.  I did […]

Winter is Upon Us

Hello, I have not written since October.  Winter hit us early and hard.  I have, though, been able to do some interesting new research regarding my Flueckiger ancestors who worked for Old Economy Village.  I was also looking into my Dunn family, who moved to Ambridge when US Steel bought the former communal society, to […]

Summary of the Dunn Winter Writings

Hello, I was going to write this summary later in the week, but Winter just won’t let go up here in the mountains of South Central Pa.   So, I’ll do it today while the wind howls and the snow blows.  I have to wait until the compost piles thaws  so I can fertilize the orchard […]

Thomas, Andrew, Martha, and Mary Dunn

Hello,  This will be the final narrative family history essays of my winter writing project.  Next week I’ll do a summation of what I learned (I am astounded by all the grandchildren Old William had, and many of them also had children). THOMAS HENRY DUNN – 1857-1943 As I wrote before, my paternal great-grandfather’s, and […]