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The Creese (aka Kriese) Family of Ohio Township, and Sewickley, Pa.

Hello, I am currently trying to start writing the story of this German  family who immigrated from  Wurtemburg, Germany, to the hill country around what is now Sewickley Boro,  in Allegheny County, in Western Pennsylvania.   Many members of my Dunn family were born, or died, in Sewickley Valley Hospital.   I have a collection of […]

The Privates (?) of Weather Detachment “YI”

Hello Again, I think these following men were Privates and Private First Classes when this photo (that my father left for me) of the weather detachment was taken in 1944, after D-Day, when they deployed to Europe.  They were sent north towards Luxemburg, where the heavy fighting was taking place in October in the Hurtgen […]

The Other Sergeants of Weather Detachment “YI”

The weather detachments were rather top heavy for a platoon sized group.  This was due to the fact that many of them had special training in technical fields.  I will try to give the approximate rank of the sergeants based upon my study of the group picture, and my limited knowledge of the  Army ranks.  […]

The Officers and Non-coms of “YI”

Hello, I’ll start with the leaders of “YI” of whom I know a bit of their personal stories.  I’ll quote from the Unit History of the Red Rooster Squadron: “In December (1944) the commanding general of the 9th Air Force awarded the Soldiers Medal to First Lieutenant Arthur A. Dunn, Staff Sergeant Ralph G. Upton, […]

Introducing the Soldiers of Weather Detachment “YI”, ETO 1944

Hello, I decided to first give you the names (and visible ranking devises) of these 19 men, in Europe in 1944(?).   In my next entry, I’ll give more details of these (probably by now) all departed heroes, 1)    The first row, kneeling, from the photo’s left to right: Cpl. Maury Hampton; Cpl. Bill […]

Long ago I long ago wrote about the USAAF WW2 9th Weather Squadron = the Red Roosters

Hello, After 5 years of seeking, I am finally learning more about the troopers of  the Red Roosters ( from the weather vane) top secret Meteorolgical 21st Weather Squadron, of the Ninth US Air Force, ETO. My Dad, Art Dunn LT2  (1918-1954) was XO of Weather Detachment “YI”, under the command of Lt. Bob Burnight, […]

My grand aunt Rose Chomesak Rock, and her irrascible husband Mickey

Hello All, Well, I seem to have come to the end of my winter writing season, and to the end of the roster of the nine Cumashot children.   I knew  Rose and  Mickey and their daughter quite well.  They took over the Cumashot’s big old yellow brick house on Beaver Road, Ambridge.  I had many […]

Two Cumashot Daughters born in West Virginia

Mary’s younger sisters Anna (b. 1905) and Eva (b. 1907) may have indeed been born in West Virginia, as was passed down in our family lore. The 1940 US Census of Cleveland, Ohio does list Ann Bowles as having been born in West Virginia.  Her husband Stanley  was raised in Michigan but may have been […]

Mary and Nick ; the last two Cumashots born in Plymouth, Pa.

I knew Mary and her younger brother Nick quite well.  They were born in Plymouth in 1901 and 1903, and soon after the family moved down to West Virginia to “follow the coal”.  I have found no records of their years there, but their two younger sister were born in the Mountain State.  By 1910 […]

The Next Cumashot Son – George

Hello, While I was doing some ‘brushing up’ research on my grand mother Julia (aka Jewel) Cumashot Johnson(?) Adams, I found a series of family trees of them written by an on-line research friend, Donna, who like me had been raised in the ‘sticks’ of Economy Township (now Borough).  Thank you, Donna, for putting up […]