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The Next Cumashot Son – George

Hello, While I was doing some ‘brushing up’ research on my grand mother Julia (aka Jewel) Cumashot Johnson(?) Adams, I found a series of family trees of them written by an on-line research friend, Donna, who like me had been raised in the ‘sticks’ of Economy Township (now Borough).  Thank you, Donna, for putting up […]

Jewel nee Cumashot Adams and Steve Cumashot

Again, I write more sad stories.  I fear that the Cumashots  had more than their share of them.  My grandmother Jewel Cumashot was born August 2o, 1896, in a unnamed coal patch town outside of Kingston, Luzerne Co., Pa.   Luzerne County records have no records of the Cumashots in whatever unnamed town they lived […]

John Cumashot – Eldest Son

I might have met John Cumashot Sr., the eldest son of Mary and Wasyl Chomisak, in the early to mid-1950’s.   My father Art Dunn died in 1954.   My mother re-married in 1955, and I was adopted by my Marti step-father. My real grandparents, Julia and Joe Adams used to take me to visit their siblings.  […]

My Ukrainian/Gallacian/Austrian-Hungarian Cumashot (various spellings) Ancestorsncestors

Hello, I have been stumbling across new information about my maternal grandmother Jewel Cumashot  Adam’s Ukrainian immigrant family who arrived in the US in about 1890.  Wasyl Chomisak and Mary Wasiecko might have met in war torn Gallacia, and immigrated to the US in about 1890, or they might have been single when they ventured […]

The Dunn Kids of 14th Street, Ambridge, Pa., Grow Up

Hello All, I have been writing of my in-laws the Baumans of Leetsdale, Pa., who moved to Deland, Volusia, Florida in the early 1920’s, and their doings there after.  I know that my grandparents Thomas John and Bertha Flueckiger Dunn (sister of Millie Flueckiger Bauman) kept in touch with Oscar and Millie after they went […]

The Dunns, Creeses, and Hinemans move to Florida

Hello all, Over the last to bitter cold winter months, I have been sporadically studying about, and writing about, the Bauman family;  in-laws of my Dunn family, thru my grandmother Bertha Flueckiger Dunn’s sister Millie Flueckiger Bauman, wife of Oscar.  Oscar’s extended Bauman family mostly all moved to DeLand, Florida  from 1915 to 1925.   […]

The Baumans move from Leetsdale, Pa. to DeLand, Florida

Hello All, I was nearly sixty years old before I learned about my Dunn family and their in-laws. My father Art Dunn died young in 1954 when I was four.  My mother re-married and my step father would not let me learn about my birth family.  I guess I never listened to him…. I first […]

New Connections

Hello, I haven’t written for a while.   I have been dealing with another “polar vortex winter” up here in the mountains of South Central Pennsylvania.  While I  shovel snow, chip ice, and clean the chimney;  I have been thinking a lot about my Dunn family, plus their  Bauman, Bouck, and Clark in-laws;  plus my Dunn, […]

Some Serious Study called for in Deland, Volusia County, Florida

Hello All, I last wrote about this my latest winter writing project which seeks to learn more about my Dunn relatives  and in-laws who moved from freezing  hills of Western Pennsyvania to sunny Florida.  This migration began in 1915 when William Bauman Sr. and his wife Margaret retired from the family grocery business  and moved […]

My Family Migrates to Florida

Hello All, In previous essays I have written much about my Dunn family, and their relationship to the Flueckigers who were farmers and seamstresses for Old Economy Village, in what is now Ambridge, Pa.  I have written a lot about my grandmother Bertha Flueckiger, who married Thomas John Dunn after he moved down from Pittsburgh […]