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Sparse Writing Project This Winter

I am truly sorry I did not write many Fleuckiger family essays, which i had promised to do this winter; but we just had an unbelievable winter, and it kept me so busy that I didn’t have much time to write about my Swiss maternal and paternal great-grandparents, and their 4 children.  I did manage [...]

Winter is Upon Us

I have not written since October.  Winter hit us early and hard.  I have, though, been able to do some interesting new research regarding my Flueckiger ancestors who worked for Old Economy Village.  I was also looking into my Dunn family, who moved to Ambridge when US Steel bought the former communal society, to build [...]

Summary of the Dunn Winter Writings

I was going to write this summary later in the week, but Winter just won’t let go up here in the mountains of South Central Pa.   So, I’ll do it today while the wind howls and the snow blows.  I have to wait until the compost piles thaws  so I can fertilize the orchard and [...]

Thomas, Andrew, Martha, and Mary Dunn

Hello,  This will be the final narrative family history essays of my winter writing project.  Next week I’ll do a summation of what I learned (I am astounded by all the grandchildren Old William had, and many of them also had children).
As I wrote before, my paternal great-grandfather’s, and his descendant’s [...]

William P.Dunn and John S. Dunn

William(2) P. Dunn and Martha Cecelia n. Beach Dunn
William (2) 1852-1905 was the eldest son of William (1) Dunn and Magdalena Senneger.  William (2) married Martha in 1857 at the Newry Lutheran Church.  The Beach family lived in Duncansville.  They had no children but family researchers report that they did help raise some of the [...]

Roman Dunn and His Brother Robert Dunn

Roman (aka Bird, Fogel, and Sennenger) was the elder of two young sons that Magdalena Sennenger brought into widower William Dunn’s household.  I too was raised by a step-father, and like Roman I got out of that house as soon as I could.  Roman ‘ran away’ to the Civil War, and joined up at 17 [...]

My Johnstown, Cambria, Pa. “Dunn Connections”

Last week I wrote about the mostly Altoona born grandchildren of James Bradley Dunn and Joseph Milton Dunn, sons of William Dunn and and Mary McCloskey.  When I was a boy in Ambridge, Pa., I never heard that I had relatives from Altoona.  I hope to some day meet some of my distant cousins in [...]

The Next Generations of Joseph Milton Dunn and James Bradley Dunn

In 2007 I learned that my Dunn family of Ambridge had roots in Blair County, Pa.  I visited their Genealogical Society, and court house and was able to prove “First Family” status for old William Dunn, ie. he had lived in Hollidaysburg when the county was incorporated in 1847.  When I was resting up in [...]

Ida and Clara - The Youngest Dunn Sisters

Ida Flora Dunn
Ida Flora Dunn was born in Hollidaysburg on 18Jan 1873.  She was baptised at the family church on 15 Feb 1873, with Jacob and Anna Culley as her sponsors.  Their mother Louisa died soon after Ida’s sister Clara was born.  Ida’s life left few records.  She followed the same career as did her [...]

Bertha Elizabeth Dunn- Fourth Daughter of William and Louisaof

Last week I wrote about Bertha’s three older sisters, Martha, Mary, and Sarah.  This week I’ll write about Bertha, and then next week about her two younger sisters Clara Frances, and Ida Flora.  I’ve decided to keep my winter essay project going until the Spring Equinox, because I have found some interesting tidbits about the [...]