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Archive for 'Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives'

A Bit of Confusion About my Ukranian Ancestors the Cumashots

Hello All, I have written before about the confusing story of my Mother Dorothy’s parents who came from either Gallacia or the Ukraine.  I had always thought my great-grandmother Mary Vasicko (?) had married Wasyl Cumashot and they immigrated from the Old Country to 1) Plymouth, Luzerne County, where the first 6 of their children […]

Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry Days – Now and Long Ago

Hello All, Well this is some interesting weather!  It has been as dry as the weather out in the “Inland Empire” of my memories of 1970.  I had dropped out of Mount Union College, due a family medical emergency.  My step-father, my mother, and my sister had been seriously injured in a car crash.  I […]

Long Time, No Write

Hello All, Whew, I have not written anything for months!  I’ve wanted to, but my vocation as a self-employed farmer has really gotten in the way!  But soon I have to get my act together for attending and presenting at Old Economy Village’s  “Harmony Society Descendant Days” August 4-6 in my old home turfs of […]

Confluence of Water, and of the Workers of Old Economy Village

Hello, I have not written for a while.  I think this was caused by 1) my having to deal with the awful weather our farm has seen for nearly the last 3 months, and 2) by me being deluged with all the material I have been finding out about about Old Economy Village  {OEV} and […]

The “Wallrose Folks”

Hello All, First, forgive me for not writing for these last two months, but I got “snowed out”.  Yes, we had quite a winter up in Pennsylvanian’s northern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I won’t go into how many weeks of my life I wasted by shoveling snow.  I barely had time to get […]

Alice Fleuckiger Wallace died in 1918’s Flu Epidemic

Hello, Alice was born 15 April 1887 at her parent’s farm house in Old Economy Village, in what is now Ambridge, Pa.  Her parents were Gottlieb Fleuckiger and Rosina Schmatz.  Their first son Gottlieb Jr. (Fred) was born in 1876 in Allegheny City before the family took work with Old Economy.    Their next two daughter […]

Harmony Society Descendants’ Days

Hello All, Well, I haven’t been able to write much due to these awesome snowstorms we have been getting clobbered with, but I have kept up with my research of Old Economy Village’s and Harmony’s  Harmony Society Descendant’ Days, (being held at their historical site in Ambridge, Pa.)  Here is what is on their  centennial […]

Henry and Louisa Hoenig Gross’ Family in Wallrose, Economy, Pa.

Hello All, Lately I have learned a lot more about Henry Gross and his wife Louisa Hoenig, who immigrated from Germany and ended up in the village of Wallrose in Economy Township, Beaver Co., Pa.  Their oldest daughter Margaret married William Bauman, a wandering apprentice harness maker.  Margaret and William’s eldest son Oscar married my […]

A Bit More about Wallrose, Economy Township, Beaver County, Pa.

Hello, Back on 14 May 2012, I wrote an essay entitled “More on the German Connection”.  In this I discussed Henry Gross, a graduate of Heidelburg University, Germany.  He graduated in 1848 and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to explore the new land that espoused freedom, and also to visit Old Economy which espoused Piety.  Old […]

Well, Maybe this Project Needs a Super-Computer….

Hello Again, I wish I could report that I’ve narrowed down my searches, and have lots of new ‘old community’ connections nailed down, but I seem to have misplaced my hammer.  I knew when I was growing up in Economy Township ( Boro) that there were sure a lot of Germanic folks to whom I […]