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Back on Line

Hello All, I’ve been off line for too long.  Some of this is due to getting a new computer.  It may be true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but it may be possible to teach an old dog a new trick or two. Soon I’ll get back to doing some searching […]

Broad Valley Orchard – We’re ‘Gettin Older’ – Time to Be Movin’ On

Hello All, Yep, I guess I am getting older!  I met another older friend in nearby Gettysburg, Pa., near where I’ve farmed for 35 (or so) years.  That old friend and I were talking and I told him that even though I’m only 68, I am feeling all the farming and carpentry that I’ve done […]

Life after and Broad Valley Orchard

Hello to whomever chances across this writing, We don’t really keep up this web site, but it has become a veritable search engine for my quest to re-discover my Dunn and Cumashot families, who were taken away from my life, when my mother’s 3rd husband (the widower Herb Marti) married twice widowed Dorothy McClelland (her […]

Changes in the Air

Hello All, We have several big changes in the works!  First, we have changed email addresses.  My wife Judy understands these things much more than me.  My email address is below. As for my share of these changes (under “Rusted Dreams Busted Lives”); I have been doing research about my ‘lost’ families; Dunns, Cumashots, Adams, […]

Tough Summer = Scant Genealogy Studies, But Some Nice Fruit

Hello All, Yes, it has been a wild and strange summer!  We have experienced  Global Warming caused heat waves, with cool periods in between them.  To top it off, we had a ‘tornadic event’.  It happened at night, and it there was a funnel cloud, no one saw it. It seemed to come up out […]

Interesting Contact with Carlisle, Pa. Army Barracks’ Army Museum

Hello All, Yes, it has been way too long since I wrote.  Even though I’ve technically retired several years ago, this dang farm keeps me too busy!  Judy and I have been taking weekend Day trips to historic sites within a hundred miles.  Even though Carlisle is only fourteen miles away, we had never been […]

DNA Anyone?

Hello All, Well, I have taken the DNA test.  The results?  I’m not let down by them.  They do show my Central European Links to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, as well as my Polish/Austrian links.  They also had my Dunn/Davis side from any or all of the British Isles. But the one that really confirmed […]

A Tough Winter, and a Tough Spring

Hello All, Well, I haven’t been posting often, but I have some good excuses.  First, it has been some really screwy farming weather!  But we have managed to keep delivering our CSA shares through it all. I have really felt this winter, but my frost bitten hands are healing.  It was tough on this 68 […]

A Bit of Confusion About my Ukranian Ancestors the Cumashots

Hello All, I have written before about the confusing story of my Mother Dorothy’s parents who came from either Gallacia or the Ukraine.  I had always thought my great-grandmother Mary Vasicko (?) had married Wasyl Cumashot and they immigrated from the Old Country to 1) Plymouth, Luzerne County, where the first 6 of their children […]

Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry Days – Now and Long Ago

Hello All, Well this is some interesting weather!  It has been as dry as the weather out in the “Inland Empire” of my memories of 1970.  I had dropped out of Mount Union College, due a family medical emergency.  My step-father, my mother, and my sister had been seriously injured in a car crash.  I […]