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Archive for 'Rusted Dreams – Busted Lives'

Henry and Louisa Hoenig Gross’ Family in Wallrose, Economy, Pa.

Hello All, Lately I have learned a lot more about Henry Gross and his wife Louisa Hoenig, who immigrated from Germany and ended up in the village of Wallrose in Economy Township, Beaver Co., Pa.  Their oldest daughter Margaret married William Bauman, a wandering apprentice harness maker.  Margaret and William’s eldest son Oscar married my […]

A Bit More about Wallrose, Economy Township, Beaver County, Pa.

Hello, Back on 14 May 2012, I wrote an essay entitled “More on the German Connection”.  In this I discussed Henry Gross, a graduate of Heidelburg University, Germany.  He graduated in 1848 and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to explore the new land that espoused freedom, and also to visit Old Economy which espoused Piety.  Old […]

Well, Maybe this Project Needs a Super-Computer….

Hello Again, I wish I could report that I’ve narrowed down my searches, and have lots of new ‘old community’ connections nailed down, but I seem to have misplaced my hammer.  I knew when I was growing up in Economy Township ( Boro) that there were sure a lot of Germanic folks to whom I […]

Trying out New Tools

Hello, and Well… I last wrote about being completely confused about the Old Timers of Old Economy in Ambridge, Pa.  Of the hundred member’s surnames listed in the 1930’s, I’ve been able to identify about thirty-five who remained in Ambridge, and surrounding communities,  for a few more decades.  What made an impression on me was […]

Re-thinking and Seeking a Better Means of Presenting The Old Timers

Hello, Whew, I am awash in this winter writing project on Old Economy’s Old Timers Club circa 1930s.  My first attempt of trying to identify some of the members and sorting them into the towns in and around Beaver County, Pa. was a bit of ‘on the job experience’.  But I ran into a real […]

Winter Research Progress Update #1

Hello, A few weeks ago I decided that my winter research project would be learning all I could about the hired workers at Old Economy Village, in Ambridge, Pa. and  then write some essays on my progress.  Maybe some descendants of these workers will find their ancestors’ history on this site.  On my last post […]

The Old Timers Club of Old Economy Village, Ambridge, Pa.

Hello, It has been way too long since I have posted an essay.  This summer proved trying farming as well as personal dealings.  I only had a little time to research in the growing season, and I’ve not made a field trip for quite a while.  But this Fall I caught up with the farm […]

Bit by Bit I lLearn more about the Swiss Jenny, Fleuckiger, and Schmatz Families

Hello All, I last wrote about how these three families, related by blood and by marriage, came to America.  Most likely they were drawn to the Three Rivers area of Allegheny County, Pa.  Not only was this area a center of early industry, but in its early days it was actually two thriving industrial municipalities; […]

The Jenny Family from Switzerland to Pennsylvania

Hello All, It has been too long since I’ve written; I’ve been frittering away my life farming.  But a fortuitous ladder mishap (it only took 15 stitches to my thumb) gave me a week off.  I’m under doctor’s orders  that since I’m 66, I need to take it easier.  So I picked up the files […]

An Old Economy Village Kind of Spring

Hello, Since I have already apologized for not writing much about my Flueckiger family at OEV this winter, as I had promised; I don’t need to apologize again.  The Wild Winter settled down, only to be followed  the wettest Spring we have seen since buying this farm in in 1983.  But, perhaps things are settling […]