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Storm Delayed

Hello all, I apologize for not writing any farm news for the last three months, but it has been an awful time to be a farmer. We had a moderately tough winter, but the Spring rains came with vengence.  We received nearly 2 feet (60 cm) rain; several of the storms were very heavy and […]

When Will This Cold White and Wet Stuff End?

Hello All, Sorry to whine about the weather, but since I can’t change it, all I can do is complain about it.  I first noticed an icy edge to Mid-November (after a fairly mild and wet beginning to autumn), and by Thanksgiving, it was getting bitter.  We have had a couple breaks in this pattern, […]

Endless Winter

Hello, Winter Weary Folks, I have not seen a winter this hard since we moved here in 1983!  Sure, I’ve seen colder winters, and I’ve seen snowier winters, but I have never seen this combination of cold winds and low solar input! This means three things for us: 1)  We are using a lot more […]

Broad Valley Orchard Cancels CSA-Xtreme

Hello Winter Weary Comrades’ Our CSA delivered its last share of the winter, last Tuesday.  This made 97 continuous weekly deliveries to St. James Church in Gettysburg, for the town folks, with the rural folk picking up here.  But we have to admit, this @#$%  two months sure reminded us what real winter was! The […]

Enough – We Surrender!

Wow! I have lived in northern latitudes for my entire life.  I was born just south of the Great Lake snow effect zone.  I went to college in frozen and windy Alliance, Ohio, and then later in Moscow in Northern Idaho, and Pullman in neighboring Washington State.  I spent my Coast Guard time in the […]

Snow Flurries – a Taste of our Near Future

Hello, After a fairly gracious “Indian Summer”, we are now sliding into winter.  I for one, won’t complain about this Autumn.  We did have some heavy rains, but we had all the gardens mulched, and the drainage swales and ditches controlled it with no erosion.  We were harvesting our last outside ‘hardy greens’ until a […]

One Day in the Life of Thom Denisovitch

Hello All, Whew, am I beat!  Thursday and Friday I slogged thru my annual Sisyphean task,  replacing fence posts around our 1+acre (0.4 HA) goat pasture.  I have been doing this for 28 years, since we first built the fence, and started raising the creatures.  Now, I do like goats; they are great weed, brush, […]

Killing Frost

Hello, Well, we just received our ‘hard frost’ last night, the ‘light frost’ was couple days ago.  As always I go into my records to look up the dates of our frosts during our 28 year tenure at BVO.  When we moved here in 1983, we our average first frost was in Mid-September, with our […]

More Rain, Ending yet another Droughty Spell

Hello All, I’m starting to lose track, of when I wake up in the morning, if it is a drought or a monsoon!  This hot and often dry summer, keeps getting punctuated by heavy rains brought in from dying tropical storms. Well, the crops are still growing (and the apples actually look pretty good = […]

The 2010 Drought in the Mid Atlantic States

Hello, Sorry that I haven’t written for a long time.   Of all the meteorological slings and arrows that nature throws at us, drought is the cruelest.  We have not had a serious dearth of rainfall since “The 5 Year Drought” of 1998-2002.  That drought taught us a lot about farming with half the normal plentiful […]