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Long Silence

Hello All, I apologize for not having added anything this winter.  I guess my best reason was that I was so busy fixing up the damage of last year’s record rainfall, that I had to turn off my ‘writing function’ to get this place ready for another season. But we are now making progress.  The […]

2011 – The End is in Sight

Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write an essay for quite a while.  I won’t make any excuses, other than to report that we have already had over 78″ of rain this soggy year.  Our previous record was in 1996 (the Pinotuvo Year) when all the volcanic ash in the atmosphere lead to […]

A New Record!

Hello all, Nope, this record is nothing to brag about!  Our previous annual rain fall total (including snow melt) was 70.7″ in 1996, the year that Mt. Pinotuvo in the Phillipines loaded the atmosphere with volcanic dust.  Well, we have broken that record = over 74″ so far this year.  It is a record I’m […]

Hugeling past Near Record Rains (and Snow)

Hello, It has been far too long since I have had a few minutes to sit down and relate the insanity I have been caught up in this awful wet year.  September and October set some records.  Of special note was a wet snowy Nor-Easter that hit us just before Halloween Eve.  Although we have […]

A Week of Indian summer, but More Rain On Way

Hello, Well, I can’t gripe – we just had a week of warming and dry weather.   I got the gardens under cover crop, the firewood split and stacked, the root and fruit cellars done (including the harvesting to partly fill the shelves), and the prep work for our next adventure in Hugle Kulture. A […]

Water Weary

Hello, I last wrote as Hurricane Irene rolled up the Coast.  She was followed by the soggy remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, which degenerated into a dreaded ‘Cut-off Low”.  Now other tropically spawned slop storms gather in the Intra-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) off the Azores, and head toward Florida and up our East Coast, and […]

Hurricane Irene = More Rain

Hello, I am sitting here watching the rains gather from our latest gift from the tropics.  Far over the hill I can here some desperate farm neighbor up and towing his ‘jet engine’ , ie.  sprayer, behind his tractor thru his swampy fields and orchards.  Best I can tell, he is just doing it because […]

Too Damn Hot!

Hello, I hope you not suffering from this hot and humid and dry blast furnace weather.  This onrushing drought is tough to fight (I’m ten years older than when I last had to do battle with dry soil, high temperature, drying winds, and a relentless nuclear bomb in the sky releasing soil killing radiation). But […]

A Tough time in the Orchards and Fields

Hello All, Whew, what a year!  After a fairly cold and early start to winter, we were treated to three months of Spring floods.  Then the heat and humidity and hail came with a vengance, hosting a plethora of fruit tree diseases such as Cedar Apple Rust, Fire Blight, Powdery Mildew, and of course some […]

“It Ain’t Over ‘Til Its Over” – Saint Yogi

Hello to the Weather Weary, Our weather has finally settled down, and dried out enough that we have a fair garden crop, and an acceptable fruit crop slowly growing now that the sun is coming out more.  The artesian spring in the lower garden, has subsided!  My back doesn’t ache as much! But word comes […]