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New Old Economy Volk

As always I preface with “forgive me”!  I do my best to keep up with the research at OEV, but I have a handicap.  We are farmers, and this winter and spring and early summer have exhausted this pair of ‘elder hippie’ farmers.  Perhaps this has been  one of the toughest winters we have faced [...]

What a Winter! What an Early Spring!

I last wrote about these pesky Polar Vortex ‘White Northers” we had from late October until early April.  And then it started raining, and stayed cool.  I’m sure that if you live in North East USA, you have similar tales of woe to tell.  Honestly, if we did not have our  root cellar and our [...]

What a Winter!

I know that I haven’t written for longer than I want to admit.   This spring saw us erect our third hoop house, and this summer we remodeled the interior of our old chestnut log farm house.  As with all rehab jobs, it took about twice as long as planned, but it turned out OK.  In [...]

Winter is Upon Us

I have not written since October.  Winter hit us early and hard.  I have, though, been able to do some interesting new research regarding my Flueckiger ancestors who worked for Old Economy Village.  I was also looking into my Dunn family, who moved to Ambridge when US Steel bought the former communal society, to build [...]

Whew, 6 Months Since I Wrote, Anything!

Hello All,
I am amazed that it has been this long since I have wrote.  I wonder if I remember how.  I have rarely even written in my old paper journal, either.  Life has been too busy for these last 5 months.  We got an UDSA grant to build Hoop House #3, and I spent much [...]

It was a long November!

Well, they say “tis an ill wind that blows no one good”, and as I clean up blown down and wind-sheared off trees in our wood lot, I agree with this wisdom.  But firewood is not our only ‘winter harvest’, and sawing it to length and storing it in our wood shed is not the [...]

Hurricane Sandy was Quite a Blow!

Hello All,
Well the last week’s wild weather is finally clearing up and drying off.  I have been near a couple Atlantic hurricanes before, but they were rapidly dying.  Sandy was so big that even when the eye was a few hundred miles away, we got a low of wind, and 7.5 inches of rain.  The [...]

Wow, October Already!

Hello all, and especially future farmers,
I guess I haven’t written for three months. It has been a busy time!  Not only do we have a good harvest of apples, pears,   and Asian pears coming in, but it has also been time to repair and repaint the buildings here, and fix some fences, and move a [...]

July at Last!

I have a feeling that in 30 days I’ll be writing “August at Last!”
Is the weather getting increasingly strange, or I merely suffering from “Post-Meteorologic Stress Syndrome”?  Rather than rant and rave for too long, just let me say that this weather isn’t like it used to be 28 years ago when we bought BVO [...]

Long Silence

Hello All,
I apologize for not having added anything this winter.  I guess my best reason was that I was so busy fixing up the damage of last year’s record rainfall, that I had to turn off my ‘writing function’ to get this place ready for another season.
But we are now making progress.  The soil has [...]