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The War on Japanese Knotweed (continued)

Hello All, Well, have we won the War on Japanese Knotweed (aka Bamboo)?  I wish I could say we did, but the best I have to report is that we haven’t lost, either.  I purchased a 2nd jug of A.D.I.O.S. to treat the drainage ditch banks.  I was set back by some severed flooding in […]

Year 2 of the Knotweed Chronicles

Hello, Well, the efforts I took last summer and fall, coupled with the hard winter we just had, did not eradicate our Japanese Knotweed infestation.  The efforts I took  did slow it down, but I now understand why the Japanese word for this invader,( translated) is “tough weed”.   I bought another gallon of the organic […]

Newsflash! Broad Valley Orchard seeking new and younger owners

Hello, I just returned from the PASA (Pa. Assn. of Sustainable Agriculture) annual winter meeting.  I have not been there for several years; it was good to see a lot of new young faces.  I did not attend too many workshops, but I did stumble across one of interest.  The presenter spoke on using charcoal […]

I’m Back!

Hello All, I have been out of the genealogy and farming writing business for a couple years (except in the dead of winter).  We are slowly retiring, and have been fixing up the house and farm for the future owner, a year of two from now.  I have turned 65, and I have basically worked […]

The Knotweed Chronicles – Part 4 and Final (for this growing year)

Hello All, Yesterday I called the Fire Marshall, and his office told me to also call the State Police.  This got me on the list for having a ‘safe burn’ of at least a half ton of  dried knotweed rhizomes, and about a cord of brush, and of quality  firewood.  This ensured that my controlled […]

Postscript – The Knotweed Chronicles Part 3

Hello All, Well, I used that gallon of A.D.I.O.S. in 6 weekly applications, at 1:1 strength.  It has not eradicated the infestation, but there sure is a lot less of it.  Yesterday I dug up some of the new shoots that sprouted from deeply buried rhizomes in our farm dog Jago’s run.  I have not […]

The War on Knotweed Continues

Hello, I thought I’d update my previous post now that I’m seeing definite, hopefully long term, results.  I have now applied 4 full strength applications (16 oz. A.D.I.O.S. and 16 oz. H2O) spaced at about every eight days.  The results of the last couple sprays are definite.  All the shoots that sprouted after the last […]

A.D.I.O.S BVO Field Trial – My War on Japanse Knotweed

Hello All, It has been months since I have had time to write!  Last winter cold blasts have set back many of the global  warming plant pests and diseases, and we have our best tree fruit crop that we have seen in years.  Plus, this growing season has been cooler and dryer, and we have […]

New Old Economy Volk

Hello, As always I preface with “forgive me”!  I do my best to keep up with the research at OEV, but I have a handicap.  We are farmers, and this winter and spring and early summer have exhausted this pair of ‘elder hippie’ farmers.  Perhaps this has been  one of the toughest winters we have […]

What a Winter! What an Early Spring!

Whew! I last wrote about these pesky Polar Vortex ‘White Northers” we had from late October until early April.  And then it started raining, and stayed cool.  I’m sure that if you live in North East USA, you have similar tales of woe to tell.  Honestly, if we did not have our  root cellar and […]