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Peas Carrots, Honey,Snapes, and Escarole

Hello, here is a recipe we modified, and shared with our CSA today: SAUTEED SNAP PEAS WITH CARROTS AND HONEY GLAZE (Adapted from Farmer John – ) 1. Remove strings from pea pods; scrub baby carrots, and slice to size and shape of peas; 2. Place carrots in steam basket over 1 ½ inches […]

Judy’s Garlic Snape Croutons

Question – What is a ‘snape’? Answer – The curly flowering stalk of the garlic plant! 1) Use only the soft juicy part of the neck, maybe the last 6 inches, 2) Dice into short pieces, 3) Heat a little oil; stir fry the bits for one minute, cool to room temperature, 4) Add a […]

Fresh and Local Recipes!

THOM’S STRAWBERRY-RHUBARB SMOOSH This sauce can be boiled longer to make a nice jam. To preserve by canning either the sauce or the jam, follow the hot pack method in any jam preserves recipe. 12 c. strawberries, cleaned and crushed 10 c. sugar 4 c. rhubarb cut into 1/2” pieces Cook on medium heat until […]