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After 36 years, the owners have retired.





The Ola Belle Reed Biography is here!  Please order through Elderly Instruments, 1100 N Washington Ave, Lansing, MI 48906, (517) 372-7880,


Mike Seeger wrote this about A BANJO PICKIN’ GIRL – The Life and Music of Ola Belle Campbell Reed:

“Thanks for the Olabelle book, much appreciated… there’s much good
to read and learn there.”
Best regards,

The Life and Music of Ola Belle Campbell Reed

This book is available as of July 1, 2007.

Welcome to the Broad Valley Orchard website.
Broad Valley Orchard is a small organic CSA Farm and we also have a several pages that explain our self-published books and music CDs.

Broad Valley Orchard is located in Wenksville, Pennsylvania, about 15 miles north of Gettysburg. It is the home of Thom & Judy Marti.

You will find information about how Broad Valley Orchard began as the dream of two poor young wanderers during the turmoil of the early 1970’s when you read About Us

Thom and Judy, along with their son Tobin, purchased their small 3 acre farm in 1983. Broad Valley Orchard is located in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, about 15 miles north of Gettysburg.

Broad Valley Orchard has been a sustainable farm business since 1993, providing food for hundreds of local families. We have been pleased to earn a living from our labor. Broad Valley Orchard pledges to sell organic produce, within a thirty mile radius, to discriminating customers. Predominantly, Broad Valley Orchard is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, which means that local people are members of our farm Fresh & Local buying club.

If you want to find out what we grow, when the CSA calendar runs, to understand more about Fresh & Local Food and Sustainable farming, and to understand more about our CSA, look in Our CSA.

CSA members didn’t always know what the names of the vegetables were, or how to prepare them. We started to collect the favorite recipes of our members for others to check out on the Recipe Page.

Several dozen students, interns, and life-style pilgrims have studied at BVO, paying only ‘sweat tuition’ for the knowledge they receive. Some of these seekers have moved on to buying and operating their own small farms. Others, upon realizing that the spiritual rewards of such work are immense but the monetary rewards are meager, have moved on to other livelihoods. They did, however, learn where their food comes from and how much work it requires to grow that food. Many of them now have their own back yard gardens and belong to local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). These folks are now enlightened customers, a critical component of the Local Foods Movement.

The rest of the story, how we make a living on a 3 acre farm without debt, complete with the plans, techniques, and philosophy, are all in our book called GETTIN’ BY – Make Your Farm Dream Into Your Dream Farm.

Judy has been a performing folk musician for over 20 years.

Thom likes to blog, so he has his very own page called The Broad Valley Orchard Farm Journal & Almanac. You never know what he’ll say next.

Broad Valley Orchard is proud to be a window into the past, to a time when small family farmers were essential citizens in the community.

Thank You

Thom and Judy Marti